MITSUBISHI Air Conditioner

Air Conditioning Systems

Mitsubishi Electric is a world leader in air conditioning systems for residential, commercial and industrial use. Challenged to create air conditioning systems that provide exemplary performance in the wide-ranging climatic conditions found throughout Japan, our engineers develop amazingly sophisticated yet durable units and systems capable of constant use under virtually any natural climatic condition on earth.Each product is an amazing feat in its own, delivering years of quiet operation, energy-efficient performance and minimum impact on the environment.

As you can see, Mitsubishi has done alot in the field of electric cooling appliances:

Split AC
Cassette AC
Ducted Air Conditioning System
VRF Air Conditioning Unit
Window AC
Floor Standing AC

Mitsubishi Electric is one of the world’s leading names in the manufacture and sales of electrical and electric products and systems used in a broad range of fields and applications.

Mitsubishi focus is clear — applying their technologies to contribute to society and enhance quality of life around the globe. They’re working to create a brighter future through innovation, and to ensure a more sustainable world. In order to achieve this goal, they will continue to improve our wide-ranging products, services, and business activities to help change the planet’s environment for the better. Becoming a global, leading green company is our future, and it’s the key to creating a greener tomorrow.

Wherever you look, Mitsubishi Electric is there. Be it trains or elevators, air conditioners or factory automation products, They are changing your world and making it better through innovation.